Industrial Systems

Designed for regular maintenance in all industry types, including automotive, agricultural, food, military, retail and factories.

Customized design with three-phase motors supporting up to 6 users at the same time without loss of power.

Benefits of an industrial system

  • Supports up to 6 users simultaneously.
  • Picks up solids and liquids.
  • Drains automatically into the sewer system or can be channeled into a drain.
  • No cartridge or filter to maintain.
  • No after-cleaning required.
  • Custom-designed systems for your specific needs.
  • Can be combined with a “Variable Frequency Drive” option.
  • Can be combined with a pipe cleaning system.

Case studies

See how DrainVac industrial systems made work easier at AutoDOUM!

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Case studies

Drainvac was the right solution for Ford!

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